The 300 WM put the hurt on some African
critters over the past couple of weeks… 6.5
days of hunting and 11 animals.
Scott Bruni

Here is a picture of an antelope I shot near
Clayton, N.M. The shot was just over 600 yards
measured with a my Leica Rangemaster CRF
1200. Very good rifle.
Don Ledbetter

I won a shooting at 500 MTS Competition with
“your” rifle, on June 26 & 27, 2010.
Tiziano Tezri

Keep this for your files and drool baby!
Tony Semple

I purchased one of your rifles for the purpose
of hunting cape buffalo. My son and I went to
Zimbabwe, and had a successful safari. I am
now interested in purchasing another rifle from
Walt Wood

Using the 375 H&H you built for me I took
this brown bear out on the Alaskan peninsula
with Cavner and Julian outfitters. The gun
functioned very well and was admired by many
in Bear camp.
Keith Gardiner

Real happy with your gun. I took the sheep at
150 yds, hit and killed it on the fi rst shot. Your
gun is very comfortable to shoot and the trigger
and action are extremely smooth.
Rowland Lawson

Thanks for getting my rifl e to me for the hunt.
As you can see I was successful on my stone
sheep hunt, taking this 11 year old ram. The
rifle performed flawlessly and I loved hunting
with it.
Rich Papapietro

The 300 WSM does it again !! Every animal I
have taken with this rifle has been big, yall must
have put some special magic on it. THANKS
Mike Davis


Though you would like a good promotional photo! This is the first animal I have hunted with the .375 you built for me and, as you can see, the rifle works great! I used the 260 gr. Accubonds as we had discussed and not only did they group well on paper (like 3 shots you entirely cover with a quarter) but they performed great on the moose at 306 yards. All four shots were within 4 inches of each other with three bullets mushrooming perfectly against the far hide and one going through. We had seen a big bull on the mountain the prior day that we thought would go 67 inches, made a plan and the stalk up through the alders and brown bears, took 4 hours to get to where we wanted to be and this bull showed up. He’s a nice bull, 56 inches, but I think he was actually the son of the bull we were going after. We called him in to 300 yards from 1000 yards or so and decided to take him and get the hell out of the mosquitos!

The rifle performed beautifully and I just wanted you to know that I am thrilled with it. A week in the Alaskan bush with rain coming down about 80% of the time, whacking it on alders and willows, in and out of tents, boats and airplanes and it still delivers when called upon. If anyone has questions on how your rifles perform in extreme conditions, have them contact me anytime.

Thanks and good hunting!

Ernie Coffindaffer

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